A next-generation application that uses Intelligent Video to prompt and predict what you’ll say next.

Everyone’s used autocomplete for text-based chatting or finding search results. ooVoo wanted to use Intelligent Video to bring this feature into the realm of video chat, creating a more exciting, emotion-inflected experience.

Utilizing emotion-sensing technology on the Intelligent Video platform, Smart Messaging takes cues from your emotion metrics to make useful inferences and suggestions in texts and video chats. Depending on your facial expressions, the app will create animated stickers and suggest responses based on your emotions.

If you’re video-chatting with a friend and they tell you some great news, your expression of joy might prompt the app to display a jubilant cartoon or suggest sending a congratulatory sticker. If you’re feeling blue, Smart Messaging might offer you the chance to express your sad feelings in a way that’s still playful.

We're already using the information mined from video to improve other ways we interact and communicate. With all of the power of Intelligent Video—from emotion tracking to behavioral pattern recognition and other analysis tools—our devices will become an active extension of our own minds.

This next-generation communication layer makes messaging more intuitive and effective than ever.