Visitors at the Cannes Creativity and Innovation Festival experienced ooVoo’s Intelligent Video. We told them to:

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We created a memorable (and tasty) way to introduce Intelligent Video at Cannes.

Visitors to our “Jooce Shoppe” lounge used their smile or pucker to pour their drinks. The app recognized expressions, and responded by dispensing juice.

What Is Intelligent Video?

Intelligent Video unlocks the information held within every video frame and every pixel, opening the door to a whole new realm of connected experience. Reading and responding to live video in real time, this technology activates unprecedented insight and unforgettable interactions.

how does it work?

There’s more to video than just what meets the eye. Intelligent Video taps into this rich information resource and makes the data instantly available for analysis, augmentation or response. Connecting millions of complex data points, this platform has the power to respond to human emotion, adaptively augment live video feeds, and more.

  • ooVoo Video Chat

    ooVoo is the world’s largest independent video chat app. It’s the most trusted video platform, with more than 150 million users and a globally dispersed network of AVS servers which power billions of video minutes every month.

  • MIT Science

    Based on a decade of MIT science, the first iteration of Intelligent Video partners with Affectiva® to provide a deep understanding of human emotion. Each frame of video is processed in real-time for contextual and emotional information.

  • Rich Insights

    Bring context to communication as it occurs. Interpret emotional response from your users. Read and respond to deep sets of data and insights. From specific emotions, to range of mood, to level of interest.

Other projects that have used ooVoo Intelligent Video

CES 2015

ooVoo’s Intelligent Video platform launched for the first time at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, NV where we introduced four disruptive product demos.

check it out

Mobile World Congress

In March 2015 we went to Barcelona to demonstrate Intelligent Video at the largest exhibition of mobile tech in the world.

check it out


The first Intelligent Video gaming product to launch. Flinch is a new take on a classic staring contest game where users compete to see who smiles first. It's rapidly becoming the fastest-growing new app in the App Store.

check it out


A transformative application using Intelligent Video to give a new dimension to human expression. Check it out or download our PDF for more information.

check it out


A next-generation application that uses Intelligent Video to prompt and predict what you‘ll say next.

check it out

Leveraging the power of the ooVoo video cloud

Our SDK is powering billions of video minutes every month. Developers are leveraging built-in features like multi-platform support, complete UX/UI control, ConnectionLock™ technology for highest quality video, and a worldwide network of AVS servers. Here’s a few companies currently tapping into the ooVoo video cloud.

  • flinch
  • icpooch
  • intel
  • affectiva
  • viacom
  • sony
  • SOUR


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