A transformative application using Intelligent Video to give a new dimension to human expression.

The human face is one of our most communicative and complex tools for social interaction. Imagine digitally transforming yourself into a new individual without losing the expressive power of your unique smile. For years, Hollywood studios have used 3D motion tracking to create lifelike animations. Now, Intelligent Video brings this movie magic into the real world.

Avatar Chat is a responsive augmentation mapping your expressions onto a virtual avatar in real-time video communication. The animated avatar smiles, moves, and speaks when you do. It’s a way to interact over video that’s unlike any other mainstream interaction.

Avatar Chat is the product of a partnership between ooVoo Labs and Faceshift, a world leader in live facial animation. ooVoo Labs regularly partners with other companies and brands to leverage video communications technology for disruptive applications. It doesn’t hurt that Intelligent Video is easily integrated with new and existing products, generating remarkable new experiences.

We love Avatar Chat not only for the delight it brings to ooVoo’s core users, but for demonstrating one of the infinite possibilities of Intelligent Video.