Now developers can leverage the power of Intelligent Video to create the future of connected apps. The incredible technology is based on a decade of MIT science* and a deep understanding of human emotion.

For the first time ever, Intelligent Video is available to developers in an easy-to-use SDK. We’ve taken our best-in-class Video Chat SDK and layered additional insights. Now you can interpret emotional response, analyze deep sets of data from users or allow them to video chat as an avatar of their favorite character. From understand specific emotions, ranges of moods, or level of interest or just in order to learn from the audience and enrich communication.

The Intelligent Video SDK easily integrates to any app to add incredible insight and unlock the power between the pixels. Each frame of video is processed in real-time for contextual and emotional information. Built on a decade of MIT science to more deeply understand human emotion, this is the first time it is available for use in this way. The first release of the Intelligent Video SDK allows developers to non-intrusively measure emotions including joy, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise, fear, contempt, engagement, and valence (overall positive or negative response).

The open, plug-in architecture allows for easy expansion to include future intelligent technologies.

Developers are still able to leverage all the built-in features of our popular Video Chat SDK including multi-platform support, complete UX/UI control, ConnectionLock™ technology, a worldwide network of AVS servers, and much more. Visit to learn more about the classic SDK.

Intelligent Video is what’s next. We’ve seen digital communication experience incredible growth in messaging, voice, and video calling. We are already powering billions of video minutes every month across more than130 countries. But until now, the data being sent from point A to B has been blind. Today, we can bring context to communication as it occurs. We can understand emotions, tap into incredible insights about users, and respond in real-time. That’s the incredible power of Intelligent Video.

* Affectiva